Debut book, Journey to Appleville is NOW AVAILABLE! Join author, Veronica Appleton on a mission to share stories reflecting the everyday life of multicultural families!

~Veronica Appleton, Author

What can six kids from a local neighborhood do when they have a goal in mind? Embark on a quest to Appleville, of course! Join Kenan, Tu-Tu, Pedro, Liu-Liu, Lizzy, and Cassie as they overcome their fears with the help of the Appleville Fairy. Can you help them earn their Golden Apples?

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Veronica Appleton is a writer, advertising professional, educator and avid collector of children books.Passionate about philanthropy and uplifting youth, Veronica leverages her education to develop stories that address the everyday life of multicultural families.

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“Your kids will see themselves in this book – no matter the ethnic or cultural background.” ~ Lisa Nelson, The Squishable Baby

“This book was simple in concept, but it allowed for a more meaningful conversation to be had with your own child or children after reading it. My children loved this book, they enjoyed the illustrations and at the end there was a page dedicated to what you would like to ask the Appleville fairy? In this conversation, I learned that my son was afraid of the dark, something he had never admitted to previously. Invaluable information! Also, it leaves the door open for lots of other Appleville adventures…My children and I hope to see some more!” ~ Jennifer Rose, NetGalley

“Every child has fears, just like adults, and this book tells kids that its ok to have fears but if you want to accomplish a dream, a goal, or a wish you must first overcome them first. How awesome is that? Even as adults we have the same problem. I loved this book and the message. My kids decided that a trip to Appleville is necessary.” ~ Les Rhodes, Multicultural Children’s Book Reviewer

“The author does a wonderful job of creating a great place for little ones to discover truth. The story is the perfect way to help your child learn and strengthen them to be a good individual. It is a great book that will even get adults thinking about the golden apples in their life.” ~ Cassandra McCann, Cassandra M’s Place

“Children will relate to these characters and will also learn a few powerful messages about friendship and acceptance! I think one of the most important lessons a child can learn is to be kind to others and this book reinforces this important lesson.” ~ Denise Anderson Bloomfield

“Both my boys are avid readers so I love getting them new books. They really enjoyed this story. The characters in the story teach about friendship, working together and accomplishing what you put your mind to. These are valuable lessons that I want my boys to learn. The illustrations are engaging and colorful and kept my boys interest. They enjoyed the book and have read it over and over! This is a cute story with a great lesson!” ~ Jenn’s Review Blog

“This is an engaging story for adults and children to read together, made all of the more enjoyable by bright , creative and colorful artwork.” ~ Gotta Love It Blog

“This is a really good book. It may come off as simple at first, but give this book a chance. The characters have a strong friendship and get to embark on a wonderful journey together.” ~ Jay Snook, The Good Men Project

“My oldest son is great in math but struggles with reading and writing. He connected with one of the characters in the book and wants me to read the book to him but soon I am going to have him be brave and try to read it to me.” ~ Jill Okolita

“My mom died with a passion for diversity and there’s a quote she left, along with her legacy, ‘Diversity is an opportunity to be had, not a problem to be solved.’ This is a great book for my niece!” ~ Ashley Piper, Medtronic.

“Definitely an opportunity to fill a gap in children’s literature.” ~ Kathy Knapp, President of K2 Leadership Group, LLC

“I had a good time reading this story. It is a nice story of conquering your fears and doing things together as friends. Well illustrated.” ~ Virginia Winfield, Big Readers

“Veronica does a good job of teaching kids to conquer fears and that they can and should set goals in their lives. It is nice to see the diverse group of kids involved that’s more reflective of many of today’s neighborhoods.” ~ John Zukowski, Java John Z’s

“I would recommend this book to the children who are afraid to share their feelings and hopefully after reading this book, they will have the courage of the kids who journeyed to Appleville.” ~ Chick Lit Central, 11-year old reader